– Where is Contour Music Festival located, exactly?

Contour Festival will take place at Snow King Ballpark located on the corner of Snow King Ave. and S. Cache St. After the Main Stage closes each night, the festival moves into downtown Jackson Hole for a variety of Late-Night shows in select clubs and theaters for “All Night Long” and “Peak” pass holders.

– How do I get to Contour? Will there be free parking available?

Parking is available on the side streets around the ball field as well as the nearby parking garage. If you are staying in town, the STARTBus shuttle runs throughout the day with dedicated Contour Shuttles running Late-Night to take you from Town Square to the Main Stage. Free bike parking is also available next to the Main Stage. Follow the signs and visit our “Road to Contour” travel guide for more information about traveling to Jackson Hole including flight options, accommodations, and bus shuttle schedules.

– Can you explain all the various ticketing options? There are so many!

Main Stage Weekend Pass: If you want to come check out at least 2 days of the daytime acts, buy this pass.

All Night Long (Full Festival Pass): If you want to check out at least 2 days of daytime acts, and any of the late night parties, buy this pass. You are guaranteed entry into the late nights as long as there is capacity at the venue. We are not over selling these passes specifically so that there should be room, just head to shows you want to see a little early or right when Main Stage ends.

This is the best deal if you want to see the most shows and have options.

– All Night Long upgrade: If you bought a Main Stage weekend pass and then decided you want to see at least 2 late night shows, buy this.

– Single day Main Stage: If you can only get away for one of the days, buy one of these. You can check the lineup on the CMF website and listen to all the different acts.

– Single late night shows: If you can only get away for 1 late night show, and/or you work nights so you can’t get to the shows until later. These are limited in numbers as we need to leave room for All Night Long and Peak pass holders. If there is capacity at these shows we may sell some additional tickets at the door if there is capacity.

– Peak/VIP pass: You want guaranteed entry into all shows as well as Main Stage and late night amenities. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s also freaking awesome.

– I got my ticket! Where do I pick up my wristbands?

There will be a box office available at The Asymbol Gallery (50 W. Broadway, Jackson) starting Thurs at 6pm for pass pickup. The Main Stage box office will open up Friday in front of Snow King Ballpark for the remainder of the festival.

– What are the lodging options during the festival?

There are hotels and private home rentals at multiple price ranges available. Use our lodging tab to see a few choice options that are close to Contour venues or check out our Travel Guide for camping, RV, vacation home, and cabin rental options. 

– Is there camping?

There are no tent camping areas in the town of Jackson. The closest campgrounds are ~15 minutes away. There is an R.V. campground with 100+ sites, and a strict no tent policy near the downtown and main stage area, which will open May 1 for reservations.

– What are the hours at the Main Stage?

Main stage music will between 11am-12 and stop at 10pm each night from Friday to Sunday.  Full schedule with exact times is on site. 

– What are the hours of the Late-Night performances?

Late night venues will have music and performances from roughly 10pm-2am Friday-Sunday.

-Will there be single day main stage tickets sold?

Yes, single day tickets are available now. Visit the schedule section of the site for artist line-ups for each day of the event.

– Will there be individual late night show tickets sold?

Yes, but a very limited number and not until 5 days before the festival. Best way to see late night shows will be the ‘Peak’ and ‘All Night Long’ passes. 

– Does my ‘All Night Long’ pass get me guaranteed access into late night shows?

The ‘All Night Long’ pass allows access to late night shows on a capacity-dependent basis. Each late night venue’s capacities are listed on the Venues tab under Event Info. The only way to have guaranteed access to all late night performances is through the “Peak Pass”. If you really want to see a late night act just plan to be there a little bit early. 

– When should I arrive to venue if I want to see a late night show?

– The earlier, the better.  Arriving at the venue when doors open, or even earlier for a show will insure the best chances of getting in. 

– What happens when venues reach capacity?

– Once venues reach capacity it will be a “one in, one out” policy. 

– If I bought a main stage pass and want to upgrade to a different pass type, can I do that?

Yes, as long as there those pass types are left. There are a limited quantity of “All Night Long” and “Peak” passes. If you know you want to see any late night shows, we encourage you to buy one of the passes now. 

– Is my pass transferable? Can I give it to someone else to use if I’m not going that day/night?

Passes and tickets are non transferable and may only be used by one person. 

– What will the weather be like?

Jackson is a mountainous area in the northwestern corner of Wyoming with variable weather. Temperature extremes are possible including rain and snow. Being prepared with a few layers is recommended. www.mountainweather.com has good local forecasts. 

– Will there be water and food available? Can I bring my own?

We have clean drinking water being piped in from JH2O, and are encouraging people to bring their own refillable bottles.  We have food for sale in the venue from a handful of delicious venues.

– If there is rain or snow will the event be cancelled and will I get a refund?

The event is rain or shine and the event will only be cancelled in the event of Acts of God or conditions that threaten the performers and attendees. There are no refunds on tickets.

– Are there cool/fun things to do before the music starts each day?

Jackson has tons to do ranging from lots of outdoor activities, art spaces, and restaurants/cafes. Check out the Jackson Hole tab for more info and our Activity Guide

– Is the main stage all ages?


– Are the late night’s all ages?

No, they are 21+ with I.D.

– Do kids get in free to main stage?

Kids under 10 get in free to the main stage. 

– Can we bring in outside food/drinks?

No outside food and drink is allowed into the main stage area. There will be multiple food and beverage vendors inside the gates. 

– Is main stage family friendly?

Kids are welcome.  However, the main stage will serve alcohol, and the programming is not directed at young audience members.  The ‘Art Garden’ at the Center For The Arts is much more family-friendly. 

-Will there be a 1st Aid station at the main stage?

Yes, there will be 1st aid available on site.

– What is the Art Garden, how does that work?

The Art Garden will be a large scale art instillation hosted on the Center For The Arts Lawn area. This will feature interactive art areas, dance performances, workshops and speakers. The Art Garden will be free to everyone all weekend. 

– When will you announce the schedule?

The full schedule with exact performance times/locations will be released closer to the festival.  Updates will be sent via email, and will be featured on our website and social media channels. 

– How do I volunteer?

Go to the Get Involved tab on our site. 

– What happens if I try to sneak in/poach the festival?

You will have bad karma for 111 lifetimes. Better to just buy a pass.