Thank You for 2015


Photo by: Kali Collado of

It’s one week later and we’re finally able to take a deep breath, and do something important regarding Contour, which is to say “thank you.”

Contour was a massive experiment, one that we’ve been working on for a long time and nothing has made us happier than to have brought it to life last week. There are a legion of people and organizations that believed, supported and worked incredibly hard to make the event possible. To all of our sponsors, investors, supporters, organizations, volunteers, and our staff that came from far and wide, we want to offer our absolute gratitude for taking this ride with us.

Another huge thanks go to all of you who showed up. Contour would not work if it was not for you. To our music, art and culture loving community and to all of the wonderful people who travelled great distances to celebrating with us, a massive heartfelt thanks. You are amazing.

Every artist was blown away by Jackson, the vibe of the festival and the people they met here. They felt how special this place is, and how the people that occupy this place make it so. That was one of our biggest goals and it was achieved.

The validity of the concept that is Contour has resonated. We cast a big net of offerings this first year, and got fantastic response and feedback on what worked perfectly and what areas we can modify so that we can create an even better offering next year.

Next year, you ask? That’s the big question, and our answer is that Contour can and should be annual. Our experience with this first installation has us very, very excited to do it again.

We dreamed a dream and you showed up to make it real. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– The Contour Team.